Answers to Common Questions About Commissioning a Pet Portrait

Provided below are some frequently asked questions people have before commissioning a pet portrait or purchasing wildlife artwork. If you have a question not answered here, please contact me anytime and I will answer any question you might have.

Please review my information on How It Works, which will explain the ordering process. Also, read these Photo Tips from to learn how to produce quality photographs of your dog or other animal companion. Then, proceed to my Pet Portrait Prices & Ordering page where you can choose a medium, review prices and canvas sizes, Submit an Order Form and pay your deposit and get added to my client list.

In what art mediums do you work?

I paint in oil and acrylics, and draw in graphite, colored pencil and pastel.

Are your paintings and/or drawings digitally enhanced?

No, 100% of my fine art work is hand painted or drawn.

How do I send you my photos and in what size?

You can send them to me by email. Please send your original photos, downloaded from your digital camera in their original size. Please do not resize your photo(s). Learn how to take good photos of your dog (or other pet) using these 10 Tips for Great Photos from

How many photos do you need?

Although I rely on one main photograph for the portrait, I prefer having several additional photos to use as reference for missing details and to capture more personality if possible.

How much does a portrait cost?

That depends on which medium and size you choose. Please visit my Pet Portrait Prices & Ordering page to review prices based on the art medium and caves sizes available.

When will I pay for my portrait?

After you Submit an Order Form, you will be prompted to pay a deposit before I place you on my client list to begin your commissioned artwork. Currently, a $50 deposit is required on commissioned oil paintings; $25 deposits are required on commissioned drawings. Upon approval of your finished portrait, you will be invoiced for the balance owed before your portrait is shipped.

Will I see the finished portrait before I receive it?

Absolutely. I will scan and post your portrait on my Wild at Art Facebook Page for you to see before it is shipped to you. Many times, I may post your portrait in progress as well to collect feedback. If your commissioned art is a gift, I will discreetly email your portrait from a scan or photograph for final approval without publishing it for public view. Final artwork must be approved before it will be shipped to you.

How long will it take to complete my commissioned artwork?

After you pay a deposit ($25 for drawings, $50 for paintings), you will be added to my client list. Currently, the minimum turnaround time for all commissions is 90 days.

I'm out of time but I still want to send a pet portrait as a gift - any suggestions?

First, email me directly to find out if I have time to meet your due date. Otherwise, your best solution is to Order a Gift Certificate.

Can I order prints of my commissioned artwork or other available artwork you have created?

Yes you can. Visit my store to find out if your commissioned artwork is available, or browse my other artwork available as printed reproductions on canvas, greeting cards, mobile device cases and more.

Once I approve my commissioned portrait, how do I complete payment to you?

I will send you an invoice through PayPal® for the remaining balance, including shipping charges, before I ship your commissioned artwork to you. I use either USPS, UPS, or FedEx to ship your artwork packaged safely, securely and insured for loss or damage.

Do you give my deposit money back if change my mind about the portrait?

I only require a very small deposit in order to purchase the supplies needed to get started on your commissioned portrait so, unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable.

Do I retain reproduction rights to any commissioned art you create for me?

Unless copyright ownership of the commissioned art is officially transferred to you through a signed and legally binding agreement, by default I retain reproduction rights on all of my original artwork. This means that, while you own the canvas to do with as your please, I may retain the rights to sell other items with your commissioned art imprinted on them (e.g., garments, cards, mugs, tote bags, etc.). If you would like to commission my work for reproduction or resale purposes, please email me to discuss licensing as well as other options that would be mutually beneficial.

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