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It touches my heart to hear such kind words from satisfied clients, which is why I decided to post some of them here. Their comments can be very emotional, expressing their deepest heartfelt gratitude for my pet portraits and are of immense value to me. Many sought me out in hopes of helping them to preserve a lasting memory of a beloved animal companion they had lost - these people are among my favorites to work for.

When I think of my own precious beloved animal companions and very close relatives that have passed away, I can understand all too well what it means when they are gone and there is nothing left but cherished memories. It is because of those very happy clients whose memories I helped preserve in portrait that I truly enjoy what I do!

Quotes from pet portrait clients

I am overwhelmed. And eternally grateful. Zeta was an exceptional craft of nature ... so incredibly sweet, intelligent, and a superior athlete.  I bonded with her the morning she was born 10 years ago.  I am so fortunate to have had those precious years. This portrait is exactly what Zeta represents ... beauty, talent and being one of a kind. Thank you Catherine Garneau... This is exactly what I needed to keep Zeta in my heart forever.”

Susan H. Johnson

Quotes from pet portrait clients

We lost a cherished member of our family a couple of years ago. Einstein, our Golden Retriever. The loss was extremely painful. He was a major part of our lives, and we miss him dearly everyday. In an effort to keep his spirit alive and remember all his wonderful days with us, we decided to have a portrait made. Truly impressed with Catherine Garneau's previous works, we commissioned her to help us capture his spirit. After agonizing for weeks over what moment to select, we found the perfect one to display his true personality in one of his favorite places, the ocean.

One of the benefits of commissioning a portrait with Catherine was how she involved us in the process. She kept us up to date with photos of the work in progress and we got to watch Einstein "come alive" right before our eyes. Watching her capture his essence was truly amazing.

When "Einstein" arrived, we got to really see a fine portrait of our dear friend and companion. The frame and canvass are of a quality that you can only expect from a professional artist but that was nothing compared to the finished work. Catherine had truly captured his spirit, his playfulness, his zest for life. Einstein was a wonderfully happy boy and loved the water most of all. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing portrait that has become our most treasured possession.”

Michele & Carlos Castillo

We recently commissioned 5 oil paintings from Catherine of our beloved pets: Kondor, Java (two), Elvis, and Priscilla. We are SO VERY happy with the results, we can't say it enough! Catherine captured our pets' expressions and personalities so vividly, and each painting seems to come alive! Catherine is an EXTREMELY talented artist. Friends and family LOVE our paintings, and we will not hesitate to commission future paintings or recommend her to others. Consider a portrait of your best buddy or buddies today, you wont regret it!”

Ric and Frances Fausto, San Pedro, Ca.


A painting named ‘Mira’. I received a gift from the heart…commissioned by a dear friend and created by another friend, Catherine Garneau. The painting is of a Sei Whale. I always loved the photograph that this painting was based on for the eye of the whale seems to look into my soul. I now find myself staring at "Mira" and my eyes well up with tears of joy, for never has a gift held so much meaning and exuded love more then this. Catherine's attention to detail is evident as she not only captured the true essence I always felt when viewing the photograph, she improved it, bringing it to life in my minds eye. She paints with compassion as she values all life and takes delicate care to bring to life the subjects she is painting. My home and heart are warmer by having this amazing work of art created by and equally amazing artist and person, Catherine Garneau, you are truly ‘wild about art’ and I am honored to have your passionate work bless my home and life. Thank you my dear friend for the blessing that is you.”  – John Koehler

What can I say about Catherine's art that hasn't already been said many times before. Ive had the pleasure of working with Cathy on a special project and, along with her wonderful personality, she is a professional. Her artwork is truly breathtaking, and beautiful. It has touched my heart in many ways. I’ve had many pet portraits done over the past years and never have I had a connection to the artwork as I did with Cathy's work. She captures the soul of the animal she is painting. Her work is detailed and it's peaceful. I see her artwork everyday and I never tire of looking at it. I highly recommend that if you are interested in a painting of your beloved pet, you commission her to do the painting. You will not regret it. I am commissioning her to do more and am now on her schedule for a portrait of one of my most beloved bunnies who crossed the bridge last year. I can't wait to see it!”

An anonymous friend who commissioned “Mira”

fawn great dane graphite pet portrait

I have always admired Catherine's art. But I never truly appreciated it until she created a Graphite Portrait of a Great Dane named Eve for my Breeder. When I received the Portrait in the mail, I was blown away! It exceeded my expectations on so many levels. Eve's Portrait was so detailed and showed her expression beautifully! I took it to have it framed and had so many people amazed by this Graphite Portrait and asking who the artist was...I felt so honored to have a piece of Catherine's work. I have since placed orders for many more Graphite Portraits and cannot wait to receive them!! I can't thank you enough for the wonderful Portrait of Eve! You are very gifted Catherine and I love all of your work! Expect to see many referrals from me and many more requests for pieces of my own to have done!!!”

Vanessa Kuecker

yellow lab oil pet portrait by Catherine Garneau

Previous to contracting Catherine to paint my beloved dog Weezer - my companion for 16 years, 6 months, and 9 days - I hired another artist to paint a portrait of my dog. I even prepaid. When the artist sent me a proof, i knew i would never get this picture. i sought out other artists, and was even recommended to a few, but I wasn't interested in having any of them paint my baby…until I saw some portraits by Catherine. I just knew she was the one!! I had to have her paint my beloved Weezer. I knew I could never afford such an extravagance, but I contacted her anyway. I am crying now as I type this as I am so overwhelmed by the end result. Catherine agreed to paint my boy and I was nervous about what it would cost. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read what the cost would be. I COULD afford it!! So we made the deal. Well, I was recently contacted by Catherine with a proof of the finished painting of my baby. I was afraid to look. I knew by looking at her other works how amazing she is, but I was afraid that it would be just another painting of a yellow lab. Despite my anxiety, I looked anyways. I immediately started to cry. IT WAS MY WEEZER!!! She did it! She captured my Weezer, his heart and soul! I am so grateful for this gift of having him forever on canvas. Catherine puts her love of animals into every portrait and it shows. She has the most awesome gift and I am so blessed she shared it with me. In my humble opinion, Catherine is the ONLY artist worthy of painting such a magnificent dog. Stunning, just stunning.”

Rose Milazzo-Kirby

Wire Hair Terrier Graphite Pet Portrait by Catherine Garneau

I was very satisfied with the artwork that I commissioned Catherine to do. It was for my mother and she just absolutely loved it. I have since commissioned Catherine to do two more paintings for me. When you see the final result you will not be disappointed. I am amazed at some of her work because the oil paintings look like photographs and that is not an easy thing to do. Looking forward to seeing more.”

Claire Burchfield Peters

It has been a little over a year since my beloved Jade rabbit grew her angel wings & cross the rainbow bridge. I still hurts to think of not having her in my life, but I am happy & so very blessed to be able to look at her & see her essence in Catherine's colored sketch. She captured her perfectly right down to her stunningly beautiful blue eyes. Jade was an icon in many ways to many people and to have her captured so perfectly in this sketch meant more than words could ever describe. As I look upon my baby girl hanging in my family room, I smile. Catherine is an amazingly talented artist, she is incredibly detailed and is able to really capture her subject's personality in her portraits. I simply cannot say enough about this portrait or the talents of Catherine as an artist. I highly recommend her artwork & already have more art commissioned by her.”

Naomi Dutch

Harlequin and Black Great Danes Sunny and Boomer Pet Portrait by Catherine Garneau

Catherine did a beautiful painting of Boomer, our Lab-Dane who we lost very unexpectedly; and his little buddy Sunny, our male Dane. What a treasure. The hole in our hearts can never be completely filled but this helps. It expresses everything we love about these friends. Hope to have it framed soon and we will share it with all.”

Gail Sullivan Boccian

Ave Sophie and Summer Great Danes graphite drawing by Catherine Garneau

The head study you did of my three girls is amazing and I can not wait till I have you do another. Thank again for the amazing piece.”

Pepper Riddle

Catherine's graphite portrait of our precious tiny tot morkie Rexie is wonderful. He is my husband's pride and joy and she captured the love between him and Rexie beautifully. She does exceptional pet portraits. We love her work!”

Karen V. Stefanini

Fawn Great Dane Drawings by Catherine Garneau

I had Cathy do two graphite drawings of two of God's most beautiful creatures – my Bailey (Great Dane) and my heart-dog Luke (Great Dane) and they were simply beautiful. Now, no doubt lots of people can do nice drawings of Great Danes but these were portraits that were of my Danes – not just a dane. She let me send her many, many pictures along with a video so that she could capture who they really were, along with the spirit they possessed. She does this from her heart and her talent is enormous. I would recommend Cathy to anyone and everyone that wants a beautiful and very personal portrait of a cherished family member.”

Lori Masse

Harlequin Great Dane Pet Portrait Acrylic Painting on Smock by Catherine Garneau

I was looking for someone to paint my Harlequin Dane for me on my grooming smock and I came across Catherine. I emailed and asked her if she has ever done this before. She was very honest and said she would have to look into this. Catherine got back to me right away and said she can do this! I sent her a picture of my boy that I'm totally in love with and she did the most outstanding work I have ever seen before! What impressed me the most is that it was like she took a picture and put it on my smock! I have never seen such wonderful work in my life – it looks exactly like my boy. Catherine said she was very happy that I like her work. I had to say I didn't like it – I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT!! Catherine, I can't thank you enough. You’re amazing!”

Shari Skory

large brush stroke

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